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Cleats & Chocks

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Steering Wheel

Bronze with teak handles. 9” & 11” , as measured on the outside diameter of the bronze body. Accordingly, as measured from tip of handle to tip of handle the sizes
are 17” and 19".

TA Series / Tiller Arm

Cast of manganese bronze. A very rugged design of consistent width and thickness to allow a wide range of applications.

ZN Series / Hull Zinc Kit

The original hull zinc kit with bronze mount plate and through hull stud for easy grounding connection. The bronze on this product is 9.76” long and 4.50” wide. The zinc is 8.75” x 3.25”.

Fat Zinc

Tired of replacing zincs too often? R.E. Thomas Marine Hardware is now offering the “Fat Zinc”, which is double the volume of the original ZN-10 zinc. These zincs are excellent for new fiberglass hulls to assist in keeping up with electrolysis.

Bronze Deck Plate

Introducing our user-friendly, durable bronze deck plates. Engineered with the consumer in mind, this product is made with an Acme double-thread to perform better in the elements and to last longer. Most importantly, these deck plates have a hydrant thread design to prevent cross-threading. Included as part of the sale is a 6-pt socket to be used with a T-wrench or breaker bar. Available in 6”, 8”, 10” & 12” . Also available in aluminum.