Past History and New Horizons

Founded in 1973 as a machine tool manufacturing company, R.E. Thomas Marine Hardware, Inc. engaged primarily in the manufacture of precision machine parts and components for a wide range of industries; including marine. In 2003, R.E. Thomas Marine Hardware, Inc. acquired a line of bronze marine hardware, giving the owner, Ron Thomas, a new and exciting venue to research, redesign and develop for the boating industry. Therefore, the corporation’s name was changed to reflect the nature of our business environment today.

Located on the coast of Maine, in the town of Hancock, R.E. Thomas Marine Hardware, Inc. furnishes most of the Maine boat builders with their underwater marine hardware and marine running gear needs. Our website has enabled R.E. Thomas Marine Hardware, Inc. to introduce our rugged, reliable products to a diverse marine audience across the country.

All of our products are machined and quality inspected on the premises. The owner, Ron Thomas, and manager, Mike Newbert, field all phone and email questions surrounding product specifications and custom orders.

Boating safety is something R.E. Thomas Marine Hardware, Inc. takes seriously. Unlike manufacturers who have succumbed to the pressures of economics (material cost is high, so lighten the product weight) we will never compromise ourselves with just profit making decisions. We will maintain the safest, strongest, most precision marine hardware available. With more and more horsepower being used in commercial as well as recreational boats today, the demands on most of our products have increased dramatically. We continue to redesign for strength and durability. One must remember, the cheapest part is not necessarily the least costly; especially when you spend many hours of your life on the ocean.

R.E. Thomas Marine Hardware Inc., thrives on a challenge, so custom product orders remain an integral part of our business. We are continually designing new products and improving the products we currently offer. Look over our website and if you have a question, email or pick up the phone and let many years of knowledge and experience guide you through your purchase of quality marine hardware.

Very Sincerely,

Ronald E. Thomas, President